After much prayer and conversation, Parenteen has merged with Freedom for Youth Ministries.

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Have you ever donated to an organization and felt like your money disappeared? It can be frustrating to donate your time and money to a cause when you don’t know what it’s going towards.

We understand how difficult and deflating it is to give to something when you can’t see the difference you’re making.

At Parenteen, your time, energy, and resources are making a generational impact, reaching beyond the parents we directly help.


Empower, educate and advocate for young parents through life’s uncertainties with grace, faith and unconditional love by:


Providing relationally-driven programs and empowering both teen and young parents with the truth of their worth and the hope that Jesus brings.


Empowering both teen and young parents to succeed in building healthy family foundations through educational opportunities.


Advocating for both teen and young parents and influencing the next generation by intentionally engaging their children.

“Parenteen has been a great support to me, like a family I never had.”
-Young parent participant



Share Parenteen’s purpose with those around you! Whether it’s in person or on social media, sharing the message of Parenteen helps our mission grow. Every share counts and influences generations.

Become a mentor

Mentors lead our discipleship and accountability groups, where they regularly discuss Scripture, pivotal life decisions, and practical daily needs.


Support the mission of Parenteen financially to serve those who are still living without the support they need. Seeing the actual people you impact with your generosity makes all of the difference.


If you have a passion for prayer, we would love for you to join us.

Teen births in the US to moms between 15-19 (2017)
Babies born in Polk County to a teen mom (2018)
Total Births to teen moms in Iowa (2018)
of single women births were moms between the ages 14-24 (2018)

Want to feel hopeful, helpful, and purposeful in your volunteering?

Serve with Parenteen today. We make lasting impacts the right way.