Walking life with young parents

“Parenteen has been a great support to me, like a family I never had.”   Young parent participant

Love in Action has lasting impacts!


empower, educate and advocate for young parents through life’s uncertainties with grace, faith and unconditional love by:


Providing relationally-driven programs and empowering both teen and young parents with the truth of their worth and the hope that Jesus brings.


Empowering both teen and young parents to succeed in building healthy family foundations through educational opportunities.


Advocating for both teen and young parents and influencing the next generation by intentionally engaging their children.

“Becoming a Mom has changed my life for the better and my kids turn any bad day into a good day.”  -Nicole

Here are three ways you can get involved to make a lasting impact.

Serve Occasionally

Serving young parents by providing meals or holding babies are both tangible ways in which you can practically support the mission of Parenteen. Every serving opportunity counts and influences generations.

Serve Frequently

Committing to a year of serving by becoming a small group table leader, a mentor or a coordinator gives both consistency and security to the young parents we serve.

Support Financially

Financially supporting the mission of ParenTeen enables us the opportunity to serve those who are still walking without the support we strive to provide. It’s your generosity that allows us to impact the lives of generations.

Teen births in the US to Moms ages 15-19 – 2017
Polk County only – Babies born to a teen mom in 2017
Iowa babies born to a mom between the ages of 15-19 2017
Of households with children under 18 have no father present

Listen to Tim and Shannon share about why they serve within Parenteen!

How can YOU get involved?

1. Pray – Be an active part of praying by being a part of our Prayer Committee

2. Financially Support – Become a monthly donor to support our continued growth and help us actively pursue programming for young men.

3. Volunteer – Serve young parents and their children by becoming a leader, providing a meal, holding babies or working with our Executive Director to assist in office related tasks.